Our LINECHEK II Leakage Current Tester is designed for medical device manufacturers. With a feature set built around maximizing the efficiency of the Leakage Current test, LINECHEK II satisfies medical application requirements demanding up to 40 Amps of continuous line current. Use it on the bench or in a rack, from the front panel or via a PC interface to ensure your medical device is ready for global deployment. The LINECHEK II Series includes model 620L.


Our LINECHEK® II model 620L provides 7 measuring devices (MD’s) compliant with international certifi cation bodies as well as a convenient switching network to simulate all 8 required fault conditions, everything you need for full Leakage Current compliance. Utilize the intuitive user interface or control via a PC for more advanced automated applications that require data storage and analysis. The 620L handles up to 40 A of continuous current and can be interfaced to an SC6540 modular multiplexer for multi-point testing. Interconnect the 620L to an OMNIA® II instrument to form a complete electrical safety compliance testing system.





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