최대 35MHz의 측정을 제공하는 임피던스 분석기

임피던스 분석 인터페이스는 PSM1700 및 PSM1735와 함께 사용하여 고 정확도 임피던스 분석기를 구성하기위한 옵션 측정 인터페이스입니다. IAI는 LCR 액티브 헤드가 제공하는 모든 기능을 제공하지만 더 넓은 주파수 및 임피던스 측정 범위와 높은 공칭 정확도를 제공합니다. 이것은 부가적인 내부 션트 범위, 저 임피던스 신호 레벨을 높이기위한 전류 증폭기 및 PSM1700 / PSM1735와 함께 사용되는 더 정교한 설계에 의해 달성된다.


Features & Benefits
4 wire Kelvin Connections DC to 35MHz frequency range
Signal level: ±10V peak max. Shunts: 5Ω, 50Ω, 5kΩ, 500kΩ


LCR Active Head & IAI PDF, 70kb
IAI User Manual PDF, 200kb


PSM17xx IAI Impedance Analysis Interface Full Instrument Specification

Measurement Specifications
IAI Impedance Analysis Interface
Frequency Range 10μHz to 35MHz
Measurement Ranges
Inductance 10nH to 10kH
Capacitance 1pF to 1000μF
Resistance 1mΩ to 500MΩ
Basic Accuracy
FPSM1700/35 0.1% < 1kHz
PSM1700 0.2% + 0.002% / kHz < 1MHz
PSM1735 0.2% + 0.005% / kHz < 35MHz
Internal Shunts Phase Accuracy
Low 5Ω 10.1deg + 0.01deg / kHz
Normal 50Ω 0.05deg + 0.005deg / kHz
High 5kΩ 0.05deg + 0.005deg / kHz
Very High 500kΩ 0.1deg + 0.05deg / kHz
Power Source 90-264V rms 47-64 Hz
Standard Accessories & Options
IAI Impedance Analysis Interface Supplied With: BNC to Kelvin Clip Lead Set, 3 x BNC link cables, 1 x Comms link, 1 x IEC power cable
IAI Fixture Option IAI Kelvin Fixture – to simplify connection and HF accuracy with axial / radial components


Application Notes and Related Articles
Below are a list of application notes related to the field of impedance analysis
APP008- LCR Measurements with the PSM Range


IAI Options, Software and Accessories
Probes and Probe Accessory Options
Kelvin Lead Set
IAI Kelvin Fixture Axial and Radial Component connection for LCR measurements
TA107 Transimpedance Amplifier
TTF35Telecom Test Fixture
HVx100 2500V Attenuating Probe
External Current Measurement Options
Impedance measurement can also be performed via external shunts, the IAI2 is not required for this approach to impedance analysis and an LPA power amplifier provides the test signal. Voltage across the DUT is measured with CH1 on the PSM1700/PSM1735 and current through the device is measure with CH2 on the PSM1700/PSM1735 across the N4L HF current shunt.
HF010m 10mΩ/20Arms 1MHz Bandwidth Current Shunt
HF100m 100mΩ/6Arms 1MHz Bandwidth Current Shunt
HF470m 470mΩ/3Arms 1MHz Bandwidth Current Shunt
HF01A 1Ω/1Arms 1MHz Bandwidth Current Shunt
Calibration and Documentation(Unit supplied with UKAS ISO17025 certificate as standard when new):
Standard Recalibration – PSM17xx + IAI
UKAS (ISO17025 Traceable) PSM17xx + IAI (Calibration includes the following :- Capacitance @ 10pF, 100pF, 1nF, 10nF, 100nF, 1uF, 10uF all @ 1kHz, Inductance @ 10uH, 100uH, 1mH, 10mH, 100mH, 1H all @ 1kHz, Resistance 1m Ohm to 100M Ohm in decade steps DC & @ 1kHz, AC output voltage, AC output Current, Bias voltage, & Frequency)
Spare set of user manuals – Hard copy of user and communications manual
PC Software (Free of charge):
PSMComm – PSM PC Interface Software, databasing, graphs, real time data display
PSMSoft – Labview Executable with PSM, including Nyquist Simulation