The Impedance Analyzer delivering Flexibility and Accuracy

The IAI2 Impedance Analyzer provides all of the functionality offered by the LCR Active Head but with a wider frequency and impedance measurement range plus higher nominal accuracy. This is achieved by a more sophisticated design that includes an addtional internal shunt range, a current amplifier to increase low impedance signal levels and calibration together with the PSM3750 with which it will be used. The IAI2 feature 4 internal shunts plus an internal high frequency amplifier, the combination of the PSM3750 and the IAI2 result in a comprehensive measurement suite.


Features & Benefits
4 wire Kelvin Connections DC to 50MHz frequency range
Signal level: ±10V peak max. Shunts: 5Ω, 50Ω, 5kΩ, 500kΩ


PSM3750_Brochure PDF, 5,665kb

IAI2 User Manual PDF, 200kb

LCR Compensation Guide PDF, 165kb